So tomorrow is my birthday….it seems like my last one was only a few months ago…yet here it comes round again!

As I head deeper into my forties, it sure feels like birthdays rush past faster and faster, propelling me closer to old age!

Looking back over the past year…highlights/lowlights include….

* My husband has continued his amazing recovery from having a liver transplant
* We were finally able to take a holiday interstate..and not have to worry about being near a hospital!
* We were able to buy our own home again, after renting for a couple of years due to my husband’s ill health.
* It was my turn to face health issues – found out my thyroid wasn’t working properly then was diagnosed with Thyroid Cancer….the day we moved into our new home….I then had to have surgery to remove my thyroid.


Me…scar and all!

An interesting year…full of ups, and a few unexpected downs! Its been tough, but life is never meant to be easy.

Anyway, time to make a list of goals….love a good list….here are a few that come to mind…

1. Get healthy – priority number one!
2. Get fit and lose weight – hopefully as a result from previous point!
3. Enjoy life and embrace every opportunity…get out of my comfort zone and try new experiences!
4. Spend quality time with my husband – rediscover things we used to do before ill health took over…after being patient/carer for so long, it’s time to return to being husband and wife again!
5. Read more…..and read lots – I lost the love of reading when I got sick…my brain just wouldn’t process things like it should. Time to get back into it again as the medication clears the fog away!
6. Continue with my photography…practicing and learning…can never take too many photos!
7. Travel wherever and whenever we can
8. Get back into music…start playing piano again…might even get out the Baritone!
9. Catch up with family and good friends whenever possible!
10. And of course, write a successful and popular blog…only time will tell with this last one!

Tomorrow, I will face the next year with fresh optimism…and hopefully find the energy and drive I have been missing!

Here’s to my best year yet!