I have received news that there is a new Fuji camera arriving in town!

I am a Fuji fan…I own four Fuji digital cameras, and I love them all! I especially love my X100…but thats for another post…

This newcomer is different to my others  – its an Instant camera and reports say it is the tiniest Instax camera ever! Its been years and years since I have had a instant camera…just got too expensive.

But I adore the retro look of this camera, and the fact that it prints and develops instantly! Specs say it has 6 shooting modes, adjustable shutter speed, bulb mode and double exposure mode.

It uses Instax Mini film which is available in Australia, although I worry about taking too many unusable photos and wasting film….but it looks awesome!

No idea where it will be available in Australia, but hope it will appear soon! Price is around $200.

In the meantime, check out one of my favourite overseas photography stores…Photojojo…for more information!

Image courtesy of Photojojo

Image courtesy of Fuji