I love tea and I love reading, so I get a little excited when I find books that combine these two loves.

I found this particular book on a recent visit to T2 at the Emporium…A Tea Reader by Katrina Avila Munichiello.


Now I need to tell you that this is not a book about tea as such…it is about the tea experience…. about how special memories are created over a cup or two of tea.

Published in 2011, A Tea Reader is a collection of true stories and is divided into five chapters…or five steeps as a nod to tea brewing…Tea Reveries, Tea Connections, Tea Rituals, Tea Careers and Tea Travels.

The 58 stories are a mix of old and new…historic tea experiences are brought back to life, along with modern day tales from tea enthusiasts.

The Tea Reader is not a particularly easy read as some of the stories are quite wordy, especially the ones from the 1800s, so it is best to not rush….this is the sort of book that you savour, just like a good brew.

I found by reading one or two of the essays, and then leaving the book till another time,  I could absorb the words better and reflect on what I have read.

There were a couple of favourites…I particularly loved the one entitled The Mistri-Sahib.

It is the description of a Scottish engineer who was working at an Indian tea garden around 1901.

A note afterwards dryly remarks that this essay from an unknown author is classified as fiction in some documents, however it does give an insight…a very amusing insight…so much so it made me laugh out loud more then once when I read it.

Whoever the author was, I loved their view of the world!

At the conclusion of the A Tea Reader, you will realise just how powerful these leaves and hot water can be.

Tea can sooth jagged nerves and it can invigorate…it can be warming in winter and cool in summer…the smell of a particularly brew, or the sight of a particular teacup or teapot can instantly transfer you back in time.

Tea can reset some peoples lives, and even become a career…a way of life.

This book would be a lovely gift for someone who enjoys reading and who knows the value of a cup of tea!

And if you like reading and tea, then I recommend spoiling yourself and get this book…go find a nice quiet, comfy spot and enjoy a cuppa and delve into a world that is made all the better for tea!

A Tea Reader can be found at bookshops or online…I bought our copy from T2 (The Emporium, Melbourne).

Please note: this is not a sponsored post! My opinions are, as always, totally my own!