Looking back, 2013 was certainly full of highs and lows, and a few surprises for us..including being able to finally travel and having a fantastic holiday in Western Australia, moving into our new home, and me being diagnosed with Thyroid Cancer.

My husband continues in his amazing recovery following his liver transplant 18 months ago.

I also set up this blog which I am continuing to enjoy developing – it has become a perfect project for me as my brain slowly loses the “fog” that I had been suffering due to my thyroid issues.

It seems to be the done thing to create a list of resolutions for the new year…but this time, I am doing something different…never was much good at resolutions anyway…

I am going to start making my “Bucket List” instead…

Don’t be alarmed, I am not planning on going anywhere soon..its just the realisation that another year has passed, and if I want to do everything I want to, then I had better get a move on….time does not slow down for anyone!

I am not viewing this as a list to do before I die, but rather a list to begin living again!

I went looking for a notebook to start my list, but found this …perfect!

Bucket List

It is produced by MiGoals, and I bought my copy at Fat, a very funky store in Chadstone Shopping Centre!


So I am going to “stop wishing, and start doing!”

Bucket List

The book starts with a list of 100 things to do…I especially like No 16, and that is one I can cross off my list as I am a registered Organ Donor and have been for years!

100 Things

I am now ready to put together my very own Bucket List….

Bucket List

I will start off with the following…in no particular order…

1. Write a book

2. Learn how to drive a steam train

3. Chase a tornado

4. Create an app

5. Ride in a hot air balloon

As my list grows longer, some of the items will be easily attainable, others are going to take some effort and planning but hey, I love a challenge!

I will let you know how I go as I work my way through each one..although knowing me, it will probably turn out to be endless, and when it is my turn to leave this mortal coil, I will be kicking and screaming saying I haven’t finished my list yet!